A.Understanding the booking of Villa

Technically speaking, a “villa” is a free standing home. You won’t share a floor, a wall, a bathroom, or dining area with anybody you don’t know. That’s right; forget about pesky neighbors, crowded pools and busy restaurants. During your stay, your villa belongs to you and you alone – plus the lucky folks you bring along, of course

B.Understanding Booking Procedures

The person who accepted the booking agreement via emailing us the Confirmation Request Form shall be liable for full payment for all persons to whom the booking agreement applied and for any other persons. Parnakuti was subsequently requested to book by the guest. A unique code will be issued to the guest when booking and must be quoted when making all payments.

For any bookings with Parnakuti, the entire sum of the total (including Stay charges, Security Deposit, Caretaker / Cook charges) constitutes as Booking Value. All reservations made through, Parnakuti require a full payment of the Booking Value to secure the reservation at prices committed in the Booking Offer.

To avail of our 2 split payment module, a 50% advance payment of the Booking Value is required within 2 banking days, the balance 50% is due at least 5 weeks before check in date to complete the reservation (subject to prevailing pricing).

Step 1: To send request by mail for confirm the booking,
Step 2 : Parnakuti will send you the booking form.
Step 3: Proceed with payment and email us the receipt along with reference
Step 4: On acknowledgment of the payment we will email you the receipt and booking confirmation
Step 5: Shortly after you will be contacted by our Relationship Manager for pre-arrival planning
Step 6: Post departure, we assess any charges pending and proceed with refunding the Security Deposit

C.Understanding Security Deposits.

A compulsory security (damage) deposit is expected for any bookings with Parnakuti. A security deposit is an amount above and beyond the total rental fees and is viewed as insurance in case damages are incurred during a guest's stay. It serves to protect the property if the guest(s) breaks or violates the terms of the rental agreement and may be used to cover damage to the property.

It is part of our legal agreement and also a mandate of the insurance company, it cannot be waived. This sum is held until determination of the condition and content of the rental property upon check-out.

It is refundable in nature and returned back to the booking guest, provided there are no charges pending.

Please report any problems or damages observed in the rental property upon check-in. Unreported problems and /or damages are assumed to have occurred during occupancy, and guest shall be held responsible for those damages.

You can pay the security deposit amount via a Cash / Debit or Credit card payment / Bank Transfer which will released within a week after checkout pending damage inspection.

D.Understanding Food Arrangements

As a policy, we only provide stay arrangements and do not endeavor into meals included offers. However, we have made arrangements for a cook-on-call at villa, if you wish to hire one (amounts vary).

Usually a local, do expect authentic local dishes. Call and plan your menu before hand so that the cook or caretaker can buy the freshest ingredients on your behalf and prepare the dishes at reasonable timings. If you wish to have the villa stocked on your behalf, please communicate with the Relationship Manager and he / she will assist you with the same (wherever possible).

E.Detailed List Of Travelers

As per new norms set in by the authorities to control the terror threats facing the country, it has been made mandatory to submit or to have in possession a list of all guests at private properties consisting of Full Name, Contact Details, Photo-Id proof.

These documents are required to be submitted at the time of confirmation. If we fail to compile the required list and follow their directive, we are eligible for prosecution. A copy of the photo-id needs to be physically handed over to the property caretaker who has to match it with his records and enter into the registry which the local authorities can demand at their convenience.

These norms have not been set up by us, they are the law now and we along with you have to abide by.